How Does Vaping Affect Teeth?

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For years, companies and individuals have been campaigning against the use of cigarettes. The harms of tobacco products have been engrained into our heads, even our own offspring. Regardless, there are still many cigarette users around the world who want to quit their habit. So,… Read More »How Does Vaping Affect Teeth?

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Babies and Kids Teeth

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Parenting is an entire learning experience in itself. You go into it assuming you already know most of what it entails. After all, you were a child at one point in time yourself. Over the years, you learned from your parents what parenting involves: structure,… Read More »Babies and Kids Teeth


Tooth Fairy Traditions

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So many of us overlook the fact that growing up is hard. Within a short period of time, children are forced to learn about the world around them and the people in it. They begin consuming solid foods, using the potty, walking, speaking, and learning… Read More »Tooth Fairy Traditions